About BioMeta

About BioMeta

                    BioMeta refers to a research network that aims to promote academic excellence in the development of bioresources in Thailand through partnerships of high-caliber scientists. Current research areas include chemical conversions of biomass-based raw materials for biorefinery, metabolomics of natural products for new discoveries, and sustainable materials for clean environment and applications. Our research activities are collaboratively carried out among member scientists within the country and in Taiwan.


                    We believe that natural bioresources are key to the national development both in economic and societal aspects. We envision that by truly understanding elements of bioresources through rigorous research investigations, the great potential of Thailand’s bioresources can be unlocked to good uses in a sustainable manner. And to facilitate the highest quality of research required, the domestic network of researchers established previously through the Center of Excellence for Innovation in Chemistry (PERCH-CIC) will be partnered with leading scientists in Taiwan, and possibly many more from the region.

Our Funding

                    The primary funder of our activities is the Program Management Unit for Human Resources & Institutional Development, Research and Innovation (PMU-B), Thailand, under the project entitled “High-Quality Manpower and Institutional Development through Collaboration on Innovative Bioresources in Biorefinery, Metabolomics of Natural Products, and Materials for Sustainability.” The duration of this financial support from PMU-B is from 2021 to 2024.