Selected Publications

Innovative Chemistry for Biorefinery

1. Kanarat, J., Bunchuay, T., Klysubun, W., Tantirungrotechai, J.* (2021) Cu2O-CuO/chitosan composites as heterogeneous catalysts for benzylic C−H oxidation at room temperature. ChemCatChem. 13(22), 4833–4840.

2. Chutimasakul, T., Uetake, Y., Tantirungrotechai, J.*, Asoh, T., Uyama, H., Sakurai, H. (2020) Size-controlled preparation of gold nanoparticles deposited on surface-fibrillated cellulose obtained by citric acid-modification. ACS Omega. 5(51), 33206–33213.

3. Chutimasakul, T., Na Nakhonpanom, P., Tirdtrakool, W., Intanin, A., Bunchuay, T., Chantiwas, R., Tantirungrotechai, J.* (2020) Uniform Cu/chitosan beads as a green and reusable catalyst for facile synthesis of imines via oxidative coupling reaction. RSC Adv. 10, 21009–21018.

4. Poonsawat, T., Techalertmanee, T., Chumkaeo, P., Yunita, I., Meechai, T., Namkajorn, M., Pornsuwan, S., Somsook, E*. (2019) Facile synthesis of high performance iron oxide/carbon nanocatalysts derived from the calcination of ferrocenium for the decomposition of methylene blue.Catalysts9, 948.

5. Yunita, I., Putisompon, S., Chumkaeo, P., Poonsawat, T., Somsook, E*. (2019) Effective catalysts derived from waste ostrich eggshells for glycolysis of post-consumer PET bottles.Chem. Pap. 73(6), 1547–1560.

6. Chumkaeo, P., Poonsawat, T., Meechai, T., Somsook, E*. (2019) Synergistic activities in the Ullmann coupling of chloroarenes at ambient temperature by Pd-supported calcined ferrocenated La2O3.Appl. Organomet. Chem.33, e4675.

7. Chotmongkolsap, P., Bunchuay, T., Klysubun, W., Tantirungrotechai, J.* (2018) Copper functionalized metal-organic framework as catalyst for oxidant-controlled partial oxidation of cyclohexene. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2018, 703–712.

8. Meechai, T., Kongchamdee, S., Win Mar, W*. (2018) Hydrogel-templated solid base catalysts for transesterification of soybean oil.J. Oleo Sci. 67,355–367.

9. Bunchuay, T., Ketkaew, R., Chotmongkolsap, P., Chutimaskul, T., Kanarat, J., Tantirungrotechai, Y., Tantirungrotechai, J.* (2017) Microwave-assisted one-pot functionalization of metal–organic framework MIL-53(Al)-NH2 with copper(II) complexes and its application in olefin oxidation. Catal. Sci. Technol. 7, 6069–6079.

10. Surasit, C., Yoosuk, B., Pohmakotr, M., Tantirungrotechai, J.* (2017) Biodiesel synthesis from palm fatty acid distillate using tungstophosphoric acid supported on cesium-containing niobia. J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc. 94, 465–474.

11. Meechai, T., Poonsawat, T., Putisompon, S., Somsook, E., Chaicharoenwimolkul, L*. (2017) Catalytic activities of Pd(II)/La2O3 in the oxidation of benzyl alcohol under air atmospheric condition.Nanosci. Nanotech. Lett. 9, 1584–1591.

12. Kumpan, N., Poonperm, T., Chaicharoenwimolkul, L., Pornsuwan, S., Somsook, E*. (2017) Ferrocenated nanocatalysts derived from the decomposition of ferrocenium in basic solution and their aerobic activities for the rapid decolorization of methylene blue and the facile oxidation of phenylboronic acid. RSC Adv. 7, 5759–5763.

Metabolomics and Bioactive Natural Products

1. Deelertpaiboon, P., Kongsriprapan, S., Betterley, N. M., Krajangsri, S., Kuhakarn, C., Reutrakul, V*.  Asymmetric total synthesis of ventilanones A and B, the naturally occurring pyranonaphthoquinones from Ventilago harmandiana. Synthesis (recently accepted)

2. Kaewnarin, K., Limjiasahapong, S., Jariyasopit, N., Anekthanakul, K., Kurilung, A., Chee Wong, S.-C., Sirivatanauksorn, Y., Visessanguan, W., Khoomrung, S*. (2021) High-resolution QTOF-MRM for highly accurate identification and quantification of trace levels of triterpenoids in Ganoderma lucidum mycelium. J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom Chem. 32, 2451–2462. (Featured as the front cover of issue 9, September 2021)

3. Limjiasahapong, S., Kaewnarin, K., Jariyasopit, N., Hongthong, S., Nuntasaene, N., Robinson, J. L., Nookaew, I., Sirivatanauksorn, Y., Kuhakarn, C., Reutrakul, V., Khoomrung, S*. (2021) UPLC-ESI-MRM for absolute quantification and MS/MS structural elucidation of six specialized pyranonaphthoquinone metabolites from Ventilago harmandiana. Front. Plant Sci. 11, 2038.

4. Moe, T. S., Chaturonrutsamee, S., Bunteang, S., Kuhakarn, C., Prabpai, S., Surawatanawong, P., Chairoungdua, A., Suksen, K., Akkarawongsapat, R., Limthongkul, J., Napaswad, C., Nuntasaen, N., Reutrakul, V*. (2021) Boesenmaxane Diterpenoids from Boesenbergia maxwellii. J. Nat. Prod. 84, 518–526.

5. Minale, G., Saesong, T., Temkitthawon, P., Waranuch, N., Nuengchamnong, N., Chootip, K., Kamkaew, N., Kongbangkerd, T., Engsuwan, J., Ingkaninan, K*. (2021) Characterization of metabolites in plasma, urine and feces of healthy participants after taking brahmi essence for twelve weeks using LC-ESI-QTOF-MS metabolomic approach. Molecules. 26(10), 2944. (

6. Panthong, K., Hongthong, S., Kuhakarn, K., Pawinee, P., Kanoknetr, K., Panthongd, A., Chiranthanut, N., Kongsaereea, P., Prabpai, S., Nuntasaen, N., Reutrakul, V*. (2020) Pyranonaphthoquinone and anthraquinone derivatives from Ventilago harmandiana and their potent anti-inflammatory activity. Phytochemistry 169, 112–182.

7. Bhandari, S., Nuengchamnong, N., Chaichamnong, N., Seasong, T., Ingkaninan, K., Temkitthawon, P*. (2019) At‐line LC‐QTOF‐MS micro‐fractionation of Derris scandens (Roxb.) Benth, coupled to radioassay for the early identification of PDE5A1 inhibitors. Phytochemical Analysis. 31(3), 297–305. (

8. Saesong, T., Allard, P. M., Queiroz, E. F., Marcourt, L., Nuengchamnong, N., Temkitthawon, P., Khorana, N., Wolfender, J. L., Ingkaninan, K*. (2019) Discovery of lipid peroxidation inhibitors from Bacopa species prioritized through multivariate data analysis and multi-informative molecular networking. Molecules. 24(16), 2989. (doi: 10.3390/molecules24162989)

9. Pailee, P., Kuhakarn, C., Sangsuwan, C., Hongthong, S., Piyachaturawat, P., Suksen, K., Jariyawat, S., Akkarawongsapat, R., Limthongkul, J., Napaswad, C., Kongsaeree, P., Prabpai, S., Jaipetch, T., Pohmakotr, M., Tuchinda, P., Reutrakul, V*. (2018) Anti-HIV and cytotoxic biphenyls, benzophenones and xanthones from stems, leaves and twigs of Garcinia speciosa. Phytochemistry 147, 68–79.

10. Pailee, P., Kruahong, T., Hongthong, S., Kuhakarn, C., Jaipetch, T., Pohmakotr, M., Jariyawat, S., Suksen, K., Akkarawongsapat, R., Limthongkul, J., Panthong, A., Kongsaeree, P., Prabpai, S., Tuchinda, P., Reutrakul, V*. (2017) Cytotoxic, anti-​HIV-​1 and anti-​inflammatory activities of lanostanes from fruits of Garcinia speciosa. Phytochem. Lett. 20, 111–118.

11. Khoomrung, S.*, Wanichthanarak, K., Nookaew, I., Thamsermsang, O., Seubnooch, P., Laohapand, T., Akarasereenont, P*. (2017) Metabolomics and integrative omics for the development of Thai traditional medicine. Front. Pharmacol. 8, 474.

Innovative Materials for Sustainable Environment

1. Pimklang, T., Watthanaphanit, A., Pakawatpanurut, P*. (2022) Novel green synthesis of graphene oxide-manganese dioxide using solution plasma process for energy storage. Chem. Eng. J. 442, 136244.

2. Injongkol, Y., Khemthong, P., Yodsin, N., Wongnongwa, Y., Sosa, N., Youngjan, S., Butburee, T., Rungtaweevoranit, B., Kiatphuengporn, S., Wittayakun, J., Roessner, F., Jungsuttiwong, S*. (2022) Combined in situ XAS and DFT studies on the role of Pt in zeolite-supported metal catalysts for selective n-hexane isomerization. Fuel 314, 123099.

3. Srisawad, K., Kanjanaboos, P., Wilairat, P., Sahasithiwat, S., Pakawatpanurut, P*. (2022) Enhanced electroluminescence of cesium lead bromide light-emitting diode driven by ion migration via surface passivation with organic halide surfactants. Surf. Interfaces 30, 101853–101860.

4. Kongthong, T., Poochai, C., Sriprachuabwong, Tuantranont, A., Nanan, S., Meethong, N., Pakawatpanurut, P., Amornsakchai, T., Sodtipinta, J*. (2022) Microwave-assisted synthesis of nitrogen-doped pineapple leaf fiber-derived activated carbon with manganese dioxide nanofibers for high-performance coin- and pouch-cell supercapacitors. J. Sci-Adv. Mater. Dev. 7, 100434–100446.

5. Aji, D., Pakawatpanurut, P*. (2022) Ambient processing of methylammonium lead iodide perovskite solar cells via magnetic field-assisted electrodeposition of the precursor film. Sol. Energy 233, 204–212.

6. Jitwatanasirikul, T., Roongcharoen, T., Chitpakdee, C., Jungsuttiwong, S.*, Poldorn, P., Takahashi, K., Namuangruk, S*. (2021) Co-embedded sulfur vacant MoS2 monolayer as a promising catalyst for formaldehyde oxidation: a theoretical evaluation. New J. Chem. 45, 17407.

7. Sikam, P., Takahashi, K., Roongcharoen, T., Jitwatanasirikul, T., Chitpakdee, C., Faungnawakij, K., Namuangruk, S*. (2021) Effect of 3d-transition metals doped in ZnO monolayers on the CO2 electrochemical reduction to valuable products: first principles study. Appl. Surf. Sci. 550, 149380.

8. Intayot, R., Rungnim, C., Namuangruk, S., Yodsin, N., Jungsuttiwong, S*. (2021) Ti4-decorated B/N-doped graphene as a high-capacity hydrogen storage material: a DFT study. Dalton Trans. 50, 11319–11652. (Featured as the front cover of issue Sept 7, 2021)

9. Siripraparat, A., Ponchai, J., Kanjanaboos, P., Pakawatpanurut, P*. (2021) Efficiency enhancement of perovskite solar cells by using Ag- or Ag-Cu composite-doped surface passivation of the electron transport layer. Appl. Surf. Sci. 562, 150147–150156.

10. Saning, A., Herou, S., Titirici, M.-M., Ieosakulrat, C., Pakawatpanurut, P., Kaowphong, S., Thanachayanont, C., Chuenchom, L*. (2019) Green and sustainable zero-waste conversion of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) into superior magnetic carbon composite adsorbent and supercapacitor electrodes. RSC Adv. 9(42), 24248–24258.

11. Sodtipinta, J., Ieosakulrat, C., Poonyayant, N., Kidkhunthod, P., Chanlek, N., Pakawatpanurut, P*. (2017) Interconnected open-channel carbon nanosheets derived from pineapple leaf fiber as a sustainable active material for supercapacitors. Ind. Crops Prod. 104, 13–20.